Swrve Clothing

Put em on.

Put 'em on.

These guys are the only thing I like about LA.

Okay that’s not true. But they’re currently my favorite thing about LA.

These softshell knickers have treated me so nice lately that I am still in love with them. I liked them so much I went out and got a wool swrve cycling cap too.

And the cap blew me away with its badassness, too.

All of swrve’s clothes are made for cycling… they’re all made in the US, and they’re all understated, premium, quality, sophisticated, fashionable garments.

I’m sure as of writing this they’re thinking of doing something terrible and dislikable because, well… LA… but right now they’re FUCKING::golden.

I got these pants from their ::irregular:: bin and thus half off. This was a few weeks back when their website still had frames and two URLs. I guess it still has frames… but now at least it looks like it’s a post-web-bubble site. Their old site was very 2002.

I digress. The softshell fabric is 4-way stretch. It’s breathable. It’s warm-when-you-need-it, sufficiently cool when hot. Water beads up and falls off it. They are cut for riding and fit well. They look amazing and are just different enough to be interesting, while remaining passable as regular. Okay, the knicker length probably isn’t passable as regular anywhere, but here in Seattle I think it works.

————————- This product gets my full recommendation.

I really want to try their Milwaukee hoodie ES, but I don’t know.

I’m also looking at the Mountain Hard Wear Super Power Hoodie. Let’s face it, it’s not as attractive and definitely screams ::activewear:: in a way that the swrve stuff decidedly does not. Plus, the super power does not have softshell water resistance. To get something similar from an activewear manufacturer you have to jump to a near-300$$ Mammut Hoodie that won’t cover your crack whilst cycling.

The biggest problem with swrve stuff is finding other garments to keep up with the sheer awesomeness. And let’s face it… it’s pricey enough that you don’t want to buy a full wardrobe from them.


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