She really has a number of strengths.

She really has a number of strengths.

So yeah… I kinda have a crush on Regina Spektor.

Most of the time I will see SNL and, whether I like or dislike the musical guest or not, hate the musical guest’s performance. Something about SNL’s productions just sucks the ::good:: out of music.

Not so with Ms. Spektor.

Be your own judge, but hell this girl is WITH IT. There’s an immediacy to her songwriting and tenderness to her performance that comes through whether she’s in a studio, on camera in concert, on mic, or on that soulsuck stage of sadness that is SNL’s musical segments.

I can’t really go into why i like her; maybe it’s because of things she’s done or those little quirky styles and ways of hers that set her apart from so many other talented songwriters of similar sound and sentiment… or maybe it’s just the art she creates… or maybe it’s because she’s flourished after having grown in an antisemetic climate and moved halfway around the world to meet fortune and success. I don’t really know.

Whatever it is that goes unexplored in my inner brainings, she’s got a hold on me. Regina Spektor makes me think late thoughts.

My favorite song of hers is apres moi. It sets a mood in that special way only she can set, it features some badass literature(not of her own – so ::postmodern:: of me to like this ::jeers:: ::lithate::), and it employs some of her quirky vocal peeps/cracks/moans that endear her to me with a forceful volition of artlust.

Yeah… It’s been a few years since I first heard/fell for her music… and yeah… I’m blogging about it now. Because if you really like something, you don’t forget about it.


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