It’s everything that I hate about socal and then some. Horrible writing, extremely terrible cinematography and direction… it’s even got blocking problems. It’s full of likable characters that say some very unlikable things and do some very stupid things because the plot tells them to. If I could stomach another screening, I’d count the objectiveless actions as an escape from the unbelievable-as-fuck and bile-on-tongue plot.

The only thing that redeems it is that Kristen Kerr looks a ton like Olivia Wilde … only slightly less hot and with 1/500th of the acting talent… and there are some very well done, if not wholesome or extremely tasteful, sex scenes. But really, apart from just somehow being trivial and grandiose at the same time, it’s nothing more than a waste. The production quality is way too high for the screenplay and directorial worth. Whoever greenlighted this should be tased, systematically.

Hulu, you done did steer’d me wrong.


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