Now shirts can either be awesome or ironic… and nearly never both.

Allow me to render my verdict… and please understand that I want all of these regardless.


These shirts are hardcore grassroots... organic down to the ink.

VERDICT::Awesome. Totally awesome.

The Jam: (see shirt plug at end)

The Artists:

dopers suck; fixies are stupid

VERDICT::Ironic (don’tchathink?)

This is like saying sporks are stupid. It’s how you use it – or not – that makes something dumb.

Molly Moon’s Sweatshirt

It’s just a sweatshirt with a very crafty screen of a dripping ice cream cone.

I can’t find a picture of the sweatshirt, but there is a collab with GOODS in the capitol hill neighborhood that celebrates their second store opening. You can kind of see the style here… it’s too drab to be hiphop, too bright to be hippy, and too arty to be hipster.

Imagine this, offset, single color screen, on a very sweet hoodie.


They make ice cream. What are they doing with such cool clothes? (Their ice cream is definitely better than their clothes, but each are excellent)

Ride it like you stole it tees

(there are too many to list or picture.)


I have one of these. Obviously, the overwhelming majority of people in these shirts are not bike theives. But honestly, the overwhelming majority of people wearing these tees can’t ride bikes any better than they can steal them. Lame.

So yeah. Go to Molly Moon’s, get some ice cream. Bring me back some… and if you can’t, order some shirts from A Mystery In Common. They’re awesome.


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