So after viewing a video like this video:

I decided it would be super cool to get a battery grip and shoot more sports/bike races/action sequences.

I also thought that the whole idea of a vertical grip and shutter release would make certain portrait and event work a little easier. Zeikos and a few other offbrand companies make some very affordable grips, and I read a few reviews commending the Zeikos grip on its build and function… even its style. The reviews said that it doesn’t have the magnesium body of the Nikon piece but it still does exceptionally well, feels right, and has good fit and finish.

Unfortunately, what they neglect to say is that while you do get a great looking and fairly impressive feeling grip, complete with two battery trays(for the en-el3e camera battery as well as an 8-AA tray), you only get the increased frame rate when you use 8 AA’s… which are heavy and expensive and don’t last very long.

The other option is to get an en-el4a battery and the nikon 4a cap… the grip looks equipped to accept the 4a and that battery will give you the 8fps rate, a 3 frame increase that seems extremely significant. Unfortunately these 4a batteries are very expensive, require a new charger, and even getting offbrand knockoffs(of questionable quality) will still match your cost on the grip, so you get what ends up being a 60 dollar grip with another 60-120 dollars in batteries in it.

I really wish the reviews had warned me of this. It basically means I must use AA’s if I want the frame rate increase, or shell out tons more cash to get a rechargable system.

I might have to go with some rechargable AA’s, as that would be the least expensive way to do this more than a few times.

All in all it’s a great grip, but don’t expect 8fps from two batteries. You have to supercharge it with a bastion of 8 AA’s to get any increase in framerate.


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