Well it has been a while, but I finally found something to lust hard for.

The Nikon 50th anniversary F5.

intensely retro, intensely rare.

It’s better than rare. Only 2000 were made and I’m sure I’ll never get the chance to buy one. I’ve developed quite the elite novelty fetishism.

On a more affordable note, Superheadz.Tokyo have hit us with a ridiculous contraption they like to call the Black Slim Devil.

It looks like this.

It’s a wide angle fixed focus one exposure camera that takes 35mm film and takes ridiculously wonderful images. I’ve been loading it with expired kodak max 400 speed film and it’s been giving me shots like this:

my heart beats at iso 400

I’m kind of in love with this plastic thing. I don’t think it weighs more than 4 ounces before you put film in it. I have my doubts it weighs that with a roll of film loaded.

Things are all well in my world. I guess I’m a little lonely, but that’s why I obsess over wanting material things. Healthy, right?


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