Well, after a half or full dozen trips to the REI flagship store’s bargain basement to see if anyone returned snowboard boots my size, I finally lucked out.

The EXACT boot I wanted to buy new or used, in my EXACT size, returned but not damaged or worn excessively, just used one season. The K2 Maysis DB in original penguin collab guise.

i'm shitting with happiness

Because of my REI dividend from last year’s orlieb pannier purchase, and a birthday gift card from the boss, and the insanely low price of these used boots, I didn’t actually pay a cent for these out of my own accounts. They’re awesome.

Super lightweight, fit me like a glove, great features… they’re gonna be awesome. The double BOA cable lacing system is awesome.

I’m ready for next season.

the best thing that's ever happened to me in REI

This does of course make me want to upgrade my bindings, board, or both.

snow better watch it's back. i'm coming for it.


MATERIAL::Canon Powershot G11

What can I say? There’s so much to love.

Your vanguard design. Your revolutionary progressivism in reducing pixel count for an increase in low light clarity. Your tilt and swivel monitor. Your rugged good looks and tanklike construction.

I know there is very little that I can say that hasn’t already been said in deafening chorus. You are highly praised, universally lauded, unfalteringly regarded as a professional’s point and shoot. The discerning soldier’s daily carry. The sharpshooting secret agent’s sidearm. Even the leicalike LX3 and newer rangefinding dark horses have neither the progressive, radically aggressive design ventures nor the technical, hard science engineering of your sleek, tough, usable form.

Your image quality is renowned.  Your generation-specific improvements answer all consumer frustrations and hopes. You aren’t a Nikon, and that in and of itself is a heartbreaking revelation… but god damn if that’s going to stop me.

I will have you.

That is unless, of course, Nikon wants to announce a mirrorless X1/GF1 combatant in a similar price point to the G with a pancake lens or small form factor in the time between now and when I place my order. Hmm, Nikon? What was that? You’re going to wait till a week after I take delivery? Of course.




truth: dammit you suck.

STUDY::love/hate relationship

Love/Hate Relationship

Dear Old White Man in a Pimp Suit Walking Down University Ave Sticking Your Nose in Everybody’s Business(Chip): Thanks to your telling me that my bike parking on the fence of the business I planned to patronize was illegal, they closed and locked their doors while I locked up across the street. Your patrolling of the sidewalks is unnecessary, unwanted and condescending. You must have a chip the size of your prostate on your shoulder. If I see you again, I’m stealing your pimp cane and throwing it under a bus. I consider it a weapon how you wave it around telling other people what to do under the guise of elderly advice. Your life must be a sad summation of failure, racism, gaping feelings of inadequacy, and moral bigotry; I want to feel bad for you but I don’t, you antipathetic choad.

Dear Cute Aspiring Photojournalist(Mary): I want to thank you in writing for breathing new life into my old and dusty camera. I loved it intensely for five years and it took me places I couldn’t begin to imagine, but my travels wore on it as well as me, and by the time I was through I had lost its preciousness in the 45 thousand images I directed it to capture. You arrived with your boyfriend in matching leather jackets looking less like students and more like stylish beneficiaries of youth’s gall and pomp. Your warm handshakes and bright eyes recalled in my memory the joys of learning and drinking the world in with gluttonous curiosity. I could see in your eyes the fascination and creative genius brooding in your vivacious spirit; the call of an artist reverberating off and against the tools of the trade. I can tell you will treat my aging picture box with respect and driven guidance and I hope it imbues your artistry with the best of challenges and the most vivid of rewards. I was somewhat shocked and awash in glee at your admission of trading in your newer, more technically advanced camera for the things that made me love my old camera. It is yours now. I hope it lasts you as long and well as it did me. Also, extollingly, thank you for paying the fair asking price off craigslist, for FUCKS sake!