MATERIAL::Canon Powershot G11

What can I say? There’s so much to love.

Your vanguard design. Your revolutionary progressivism in reducing pixel count for an increase in low light clarity. Your tilt and swivel monitor. Your rugged good looks and tanklike construction.

I know there is very little that I can say that hasn’t already been said in deafening chorus. You are highly praised, universally lauded, unfalteringly regarded as a professional’s point and shoot. The discerning soldier’s daily carry. The sharpshooting secret agent’s sidearm. Even the leicalike LX3 and newer rangefinding dark horses have neither the progressive, radically aggressive design ventures nor the technical, hard science engineering of your sleek, tough, usable form.

Your image quality is renowned.  Your generation-specific improvements answer all consumer frustrations and hopes. You aren’t a Nikon, and that in and of itself is a heartbreaking revelation… but god damn if that’s going to stop me.

I will have you.

That is unless, of course, Nikon wants to announce a mirrorless X1/GF1 combatant in a similar price point to the G with a pancake lens or small form factor in the time between now and when I place my order. Hmm, Nikon? What was that? You’re going to wait till a week after I take delivery? Of course.




truth: dammit you suck.


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