Things I can’t believe

I’ve been having a lot of musing thoughts lately. I’ve seen some stuff I just can’t believe.

One is a picture I found in a flickr group from a cheap, manual focus 85mm 1.4 prime lens, which I’ve heard is a great lens. This picture wasn’t very well edited, or really artistically composed, but it wasn’t a terrible picture either. The photographer had to know what he/she was doing at least in a competency sense. It was more the focus that made my jaw drop.

There were three little girls in this picture, probably age 10 or so… and only two were in focus. The third, two or three feet back of the focus plane on the left side of the image, obviously had Down’s syndrome. The other two were in perfect focus. All three were smiling warmly, but the photographer decided it would be great to use the wide aperture of this super fast MF lens to throw the Downs kid completely out of focus. It’s not like an AF lens where the camera can just lock onto one subject, usually in the center of the frame or at a particular AF point, and the photographer doesn’t really think, “oh, I didn’t mean to focus just on that.”

And it wasn’t like she was only a little out of focus… no, she was blurred out like bigfoot in some idiot campervan conspiracy theorist’s “valuable collectible” photo album. Not out of focus enough to disguise the fact that this girl was different from the other two, but so blurry you couldn’t tell which way she was looking, or how many nostrils she had. (Sorry, I saw an episode of How I Met Your Mother last night.)

This was a manual focus lens that was determinedly focused in front of the Down’s girl and got not one, but two other subjects… all other subjects… in stunningly sharp focus. I was in disbelief.

Talk about a picture saying a thousand words… this was an orated epic poem composed of slurs and bigotry.

Another thing I thought was funny…

In a particular commercial, I recognized that someone made the choice to leave three letters of a determined order visible when obscuring the trademark on a bike frame in a McDonald’s commercial. The commercial is talking about their frozen sugar drinks… sorry, frozen coffee drinks… and features, toward the end, an attractive couple, male and female, who had been displaced onto an aerobed in the study so their in-laws could sleep in their bedroom. That was their justification for drinking sugar-coffee.

Personally, if I’m sleeping in a less-than-ideal situation for a temporary amount of time, I’d rather have a McSedative. I’ll have the Ambien Frappe, please.

Nevermind that you just blatantly coopted your (much better in every sense of the word, employee treatment and product quality, namely) competitor’s nickname for the drink you’re copying, I’m more amused that the one thing in the scene with any recognizable text, beyond the drinks the models are holding, is noneother than:

A late-model Specialized Allez road bike. It’s not brand new, but it’s no more than a few years old and it’s very striking, propped behind the inflatable bed wearing its striking red and white party dress.

Allez means ‘let’s go!’ in French, but when you cover up all letters of both marks besides:


it means something completely different, in homophobic street speak. Way to go, America!

Also, the bike is the larger, and presumably the male’s steed. Which means that the husband is riding a Lez. Which means in-laws invading his bedroom are probably the least of his marital worries.

I’m just surprised at that decision, not really in disbelief.

The world is evil.

I’ve been shooting a lot of film lately. I need a scanner so I can show you more than the store-processed images from the Black Slim Devil I love so much.

I also have a roll of Velvia 50 and a roll of HP5 or two from the F100 which are… quite sharable, in my summation.

I really like film. I think people should take fewer snapshots, and focus on making photographs. At least, that’s what I feel I should do.


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