Powdercoat: Emerald Kilo

My bike is refreshed anew.

Seattle Powdercoat did the finish, a two stage coat by Cardinal finishes named “Sparkling Granny Smith Green.” It’s a base green with gold metal flecks covered with a second clear coat to give it the depth and smoothness of paint.

It’s fantastic.

Oddly enough, the same day I chose my color and dropped off my frame, bikeforums user Gonathan85 dropped his frame off… and three hours after I had chosen my color, reported that he had chosen the same color.

I rode the piss out of the bike on GoMeansGo’s 9-5 solstice ride: a scavenger hunt that takes place on the shortest night of the year. I put close to 55 miles on the bike and realized the saddle and bars were limiting. Great on a track or sprint, not so great over poorly paved urban roads. On Monday I remedied that by picking up a used set of Ritchey Pro Biofit ergonomic road drop bars and an old Vetta Gel Turbo saddle. The saddle’s a great shape for my posterior, but the foam and covering are on their last legs. Whatever, it was five dollars… and if it rips to shreds in a few months at least I learned Turbo saddles fit me very well.

I took it out that night for the Monday Muscle ride. We did 35 miles around Alki to West Seattle and back. I was extremely pleased with the saddle and bars on the (shorter) trip. Much improved hand and wrist comfort and the saddle seems to support my sit bones a little better.

It was a great night.

I wrapped the bars with fizik microtex tape- which is also gonathan’s choice and again, my purchase predated his posting by about three hours. I think we’re the same person on different quantum wavelengths.

In addition to the finish and bar/saddle upgrades, I picked up a Knog Boomer taillight. This thing is AMAZING. It’s a one watt LED like the famed planet bike superflash, but it has more patterns and a brilliant Knog form factor and attachment loop, for easy mounting on either of my bikes. I’m in love with it.

However, not all is roses and daisies in my biking exploits. It’s summer here in Seattle, and today was a scorcher. My attire is lacking in the ‘keep my cool’ department.
Because of this, I’m having a severe case of “want but can’t afford” a lightweight short version of the swrve knickers I blogged about so lovingly earlier. These shorts are made of a sweet and light fabric and would be amazing on my thighs during these hot days.


Not to mention, as part of their blk label collection, they have a very sexy cut and featureset including a reflective buckle loop and extra u-lock pocket. Lust.

I will have to wait for these until I’m gainfully employed. Going to make that happen soon.


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