Rambler. Cinelli. Burdens lifting.


Mission Workshop Rambler x Cinelli Giro D'Italia

When one accumulates bike parts, sometimes they don’t find their way onto bikes. This results in massive ‘parts bins’ where bike parts, both valuable and valueless, collect collective dust and perch with pallor in an unused state. It’s nice to be able to find something when you need it, but for apartment living or renting rooms it hardly makes sense. Get your bike set up and forget it.

Where this is going is that I had two bike bags I didn’t care for at all and some three boxes full of bike parts that, while nice, weren’t right for either of my two bikes.

Luckily, there are amazing places around Seattle like Bikeworks, where you can donate bike parts to help underprivileged youth learn trades and stay healthy by working on bikes. Also, if you’re like me and pinching pennies, you can sell your bikes on craigslist(or anything for that matter) and trade in your bike parts for store credit at awesome used stores like my LBS, Recycled Cycles.

This will give you an influx of store credit to buy any number of wonderful things. Namely, the Mission Workshop Rambler expandable cycling backpack, and a Cinelli stem and bar combo for your Cinelli fork equipped Kilo TT. Blad-ow.

So, goodbye Seven Cycles carbon fork, Aspide SM saddle, dura ace fd, kazane gold 144 track cranks, and assorted other bike lovely bits. Goodbye Canon “Gee, this isn’t a DSLR”-11. Goodbye Kemmer Chrome copy messenger bag and timbuk2 Swig “I just don’t do anything all that well” backpack. Hello Good Life.

This bag rocks. Review pending, but don’t be surprised when I laud its fine quality like a little brand whore, because when it comes to MW, that’s what I am.

A side note: the Schoeller C-Change equipped Orion came out recently, and people are aghast that it costs 4 bills. I simply cannot fathom the pennywise dollarstupidness of these haters. You want a waterproof jacket that doesn’t breathe? Get something cheaper. You want something fucking incredible that actually changes its breatheability for the temperature like some kind of spaceage waterproof wearable thermostat? You’ll be paying for the privilege. The Orion is hot. You can’t afford it. Deal with it.

Seattle Rains.

Mission Workshop Represents.


6 Responses to Rambler. Cinelli. Burdens lifting.

  1. Avner says:

    I don’t think you can afford it either.

    The price tag bitterness doesn’t come from the fact its over priced but rather that I don’t have the money to pay for it. So bring it down in price, i’ll be less bitter, and buy one. But frankly living in California, Los Angeles specifically i’m paying 10% sales tax on all this shit as well. So I buy one of these sonofabitch jackets, im paying 440 for it.

    • charlieclay says:

      You’ve got that right. I can’t afford the Orion, and I’d have a hard time justifying the purchase if I could.

      I think if they wanted to sell a ton of these puppies, they could afford to step up production on a long term scale and bring the price down maybe fifty or seventy five dollars.
      Hell, they could probably do that and still make a profit in a few years time on their current production table. The point I’m trying to make here is that the jacket is expensive for good reason, and it’s NOT significantly overpriced – you get a lot for that premium. It’s not like they’re charging 400 dollars for a Champion C9 Fleece Hoodie.

      Thanks for the reply though, you make a good point.

  2. Avner says:

    I don’t know if you recall, but recently someone was talking about opening a fixie shop and the sad reality of our crowd is that we are frugal, if not by virtue of choice then by nature. The grand majority of us are not balling out of control so a purchase like this is even far out of impulse range. Like, if I had any room on my credit cards, this wouldn’t be something that’d be tempting me like the MW Vandal which I do intend on buying.

    This is too expensive for me to even consider unless I found a discount and figured a way to get it shipped without tax. Does the technology warrant the price tag? Let me get through finals and after a couple days of research i’ll let you know. The concept behind C-change is quite cool and what i’ve read thus far suggests that it has a much better feel then a goretex green house. But $250 better? that’s the question i need to answer.

  3. Andy Skalet says:

    Hey, that stem isn’t a 26.0 is it? (probably not, if it’s cinelli).

    I just went through this exercise today with the Orion. Swrve has a waxed cotton jacket coming out that is up there $$$ too.

    The big issue I have is not whether the jacket is worth the money, but whether it’s worth the money to me. Sounds stupid, but it’s not. Maybe this is the most awesome jacket in the world for someone who lives in Denver, but is too warm or not breathable enough for Seattle.

    I can tell if a jacket is worth $400 to me in about an hour, if the weather is cooperating (crappy). If it’s something I’m going to wear every day of the winter and lots of days in the shoulder seasons, and it’s going to last at least a couple years, it damn well is. But if it’s too heavy or too hot or (most likely) not breathable enough, it’s going to sit around and not even begin to earn its keep. I can’t tell in the store, and certainly not on the interwebs.

    So … you know what would be awesome? A jacket demo program. Short of that, I’m not willing to pony up the money. Sure, misson or swrve might still let me return a ‘slightly used’ jacket, but I have a small biz too and I would feel like an ass doing that.

    • charlieclay says:

      Well said! Internets are ultra serious today.

      and yeah, stem’s not 26 as far as i can tell, i got it as a combination, and it looks like 26.4 on ye olde calipers

      • Andy Skalet says:

        Thanks for the info on the stem. I was hoping for more of an argument on the jacket stuff, but it’s almost tomorrow, and tomorrow isn’t going to be a serious day on the internets 🙂

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