MATERIAL::Orion/Bosun Crazy Deal

I was traveling through Portland and decided to make a quick stop-in to River City Bicycles to see how things were going on the 27th.

Well, this ended up being a stupendously fretful trip because they had the Mission Workshop Orion and Bosun jacket and midlayer for 25% off.

Even at 25% off in sales-tax-free Oregon, I can’t afford these things.

But damn do I want them. They fit perfectly. I tried them on, and I don’t think anything fits my frame as well. Not even Arcteryx (which are the old Vancouver BC facilities these are made in) fit like the Orion does. Like Mission Workshop’s bags, the quality is immediately apparent. “Higher than Jon Stewart in college” may be a more apt description of the quality.

The black looks amazing and they gray looks, well… unique. It’s not a gray like I’ve seen before, it’s an “eastcoast snowslush on the side of the road hit by headlights in traffic” gray.

With a pocketfull of Holiday gift money I felt like a total idiot walking away from the deal on this jacket (through a loophole, the crazy dealers at RCB were selling it at 25% off with their other apparel), but I know I can’t afford it and I would have felt impractical if not totally irresponsible if I had bought it. Once I’m doing something more productive than blogging, then I’ll buy these jackets and love them.

Also, as an added bonus, the excluded-from-the-quarter-off-sale Rapha line was what seemed to be fully stocked at RCB. Rapha is similarly orgasmic, though less technical and more understated and classy in its design. Their softshell surprised me with its thinness, but that probably makes it superfluously breathable and still windcutting and water resistant as a thicker shell. it fit as well as the Orion, which made me consider never buying a generic outdoor brand garment again… these smaller companies know how to cut their clothes and they cut them for me, not the average fat American.

So yeah, I didn’t buy the Orion, even for 300 dollars… but if I was looking for a deal I couldn’t have passed it up… It’s a jacket I’d be happy to have for 400.


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