Taku Jacket and Bike Plans, Again

While riding my cannondale, I have been zipping around town a lot and ever since selling my first ascent softshell, I’d been hoping to find another black hooded shell.

Well I found one. An older REI Elements Taku jacket(with zip off hood and mp3 player pocket) in black, small at Redlight. Redlight usually deals in grungy vintage clothes so I was super surprised to find this REI jacket there… especially when you can simply return whatever you buy at REI and as long as you’re not abusive, get your money back… but I guess this first person had a conscience, or something.

The jacket’s great. It’s so breathable that I haven’t used the pit zips yet(though it has been stupidly cold lately) and it’s still very waterproof even seeing as that its second hand and a few seasons old. It’s not the best fit out there but I like it better than the first ascent because it’s as puffy on the chest as it is in the arms instead of walking some limbo of puff/pull. Plus, it was twenty bucks.
I’m very happy.

I especially love the contoured neck line and removable hood. V. useful on a bike.


What really makes me happy is that after I put the jacket on after taking it home, I reached in the mp3 player pocket and pull out a condom, still in its wrapper, that has an outline of the United States filled in with stars and stripes and is branded “CHAMPION” underneath in a chrome wrapper. Dear god, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Hilarious. Keeping this in my jacket always. You couldn’t pay me to use it.

Speaking of things that haven’t been used…

Also on my mind are plans for bikes. First thing that needs addressing is the road bike. I’m definitely throwing the king headset and ems fork on the cannondale road bike.

That doesn’t need to be done, but I will feel so much better about it after getting it fit right. The stem that’s on there now isn’t right and quills only adjust on one plane. The other project which really is necessary is that I need to build up a new wheelset to cure the cracked nipple problems of my paired spoke bontrager set that I ride now. I’m terrified every time I’m on it. Cracked nipples are a “stop riding immediately” problem in my book, and yet… I love riding it so much I keep finding myself back on it. No more, new wheels or bust. I’m thinking 28 spokes with open pros, and a truing stand.

In track bike news…

Leader is coming out with a new 2011 735tr probably landing abouts junetime.

I’m saving up for one and with my tax return, I feel like I should be able to make it pretty awesome by the time they release them. I’m thinking of getting carbon wheels and making it flat black all over, a la Koshy’s 09 FTP… but on the other hand, all black bikes have been done and done and done. I may try to get this custom painted like my old nishiki: salmon white fade… but that could be bad juju because of my nishiki’s fate sacrificing its life to save mine. Plus, everyone rides pink bikes now, the novelty is gone. I think what I’ll do is see what colors they offer, then either go all black or try to approximate a cannondale track blue but in bassboat metal flake. Love me some multicolor sparkles. Chameleon paint like a Klein? I always loved that purple/orange chameleon paint. Hmm… maybe the real reason everyone likes black bikes is because they’re easy. No tough decisions. I hope leader doesn’t do the “black white or sea foam green” they’ve doomed the 2011 725tr to. So boring, I feel like every one is going to look like all others.

Anyway, yeah. I took the fork off my kilo and put it back to regular. The crappy headset was broken and I decided I was done with threaded faux-retro. I think I’m finally sick of that bike. I loved it, but I’m kind of done. It will now stay in its sad and ugly threadless state until I figure out what I’m doing and if I’m getting that leader or not. Maybe I’ll rebuild the shimano 600 headset from the r2000 and put that on the kilo with the cannondale slice fork, but wrap the fork in stickers it doesn’t have that red to carbon fade that would clash so terribly with the apple green. I don’t know, no big deal.

What is stupid-awesome is that knog sent me a carepackage. Hat, stickers, and skin for my front boomer to match the cannondale. What righteous dudes.

Happy valentine’s day everyone. Love ya.


2 Responses to Taku Jacket and Bike Plans, Again

  1. Dan says:

    nice find. i just rediscovered ebay for jackets. did i tell you i got a montane eVent mountain shell to go over my puffy? mmm.

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