Stokage. Total stoke.

So, after a long wait due to funemployment and carlessness, I finally got a chance to hit some slopes with my 09/10 Penguin Collective Maysis DB boots.


First of all, the enjoyment didn’t come from the boots.  They were comfortable and responsive and I got them dialed in nicely, yes.  The enjoyment instead came from being on the mountain with some great friends and a couple cold ones, and a whole lot of that NW fluffy stuff.  Some cats that I usually ride bikes with were shredding the gnar with me Monday and it was a whole ton of fun.

I’m starting to consider spring end of season passes once they get stupid cheap.  It was that much fun.  I came home and after a few hours went straight out to a goldsprint put on by GOmeansGo, so my legs got a big day in.  Miraculously, I don’t feel that beat up. Tired, but not sore anywhere but my neck.

I got a great feel for my board(too short and stiff in the wrong places and a little heavy for me… that’s what she said), bindings(great generally, but stupid-heavy and could be a little better at transfer on the highbacks) and riding on Snoqualmie Summit. I can’t wait to go back.

Also, the Caad4nondale is coming together slowly with a king headset and red stem.  The race fork is beastly and I can’t wait to put some real miles on it.

I am going to build some wheels for it but need some hubs and spokes and nipples first.

Which brings us to the other debacle of the weekend… I bought some cxp22s(mavic but nothing terribly high quality, just nice cheap and durable) in black at Recycled and was happy until I started realizing the other parts I needed and that these would be my only road wheels.

The thing is, my current road set is a paired spoke bontrager set. It’s not really a set actually, there’s a front race lite with bladed spokes and a rear select with butted spokes.  The problem is that the paired spokes have not faired too well here on the streets of Seattle and my front nipples, or a good majority thereof, are splitting in two and some completely round or separated.  Riding on this wheelset is just plain dangerous.

What I could do is use my dp18 wheelset, but it’s got a 7speed rear hub which won’t fit the 9speed 6500 gears on the bike. I’d have to take the 12 off and trim the derailleur in, and then my commuter/rack/fender nashbar X would be without wheels.

I could also put on the tubulars, but again, massive drawbacks to that idea.

So I bought these CXP-22’s and thought, Okay, I’ll build them up. Well, at 50 bucks a pop that got real expensive real quick, so I took them back on a Sunday to get a refund.  My plan was return, ride to a different bike shop, and get cheap pre-built wheels.

So I returned the black CXP-22s and headed to Speedy Reedy, where I immediately noticed some nice sidewalk sale clearance items that had either been installed and not ridden or just were being cleared out.  Triathletes are great sources of slightly used parts, because they’re not on their bikes very often and when they are, they’re so tired from swimming they don’t ride the bike all that hard(joke.).

I find a zoncolan saddle for 40 bucks and … what’s this? silver cxp-22s for half what recycled had charged me. Cha-ching! Wheelbuild plan back in action! Swipe the card and…


Wait a minute.


Why does my return receipt not have a negative sign on the card slip?

Balls. They charged me twice for shit I returned to them. Rather, they returned it in their system and then through a slip of the fingertip, charged me again for it instead of putting the money back on my card.

Well shit. I get some more money for the zoncolan and hoops, then ride back to Recycled on a mission. I know they didn’t mean to do it, so I’m pretty cool about it, but I am the only one at the register and get it addressed right away. The experienced staff member sees what’s up and shakes his head, muttering about the new guy that rang me up wrong, and puts the money back on my card. All 219 of it. Problem is, it takes up to 5 business days to get it back so now I’m having to put the wheel parts on hold.

Which gives me lots of time to overthink things.

Like what I should do with these CXP-22s.

Now, I bought them for the road bike. But the silver would look far better on the green and silver track bike… so I’m thinking of getting these laced up to the silver hubs with green nipples and maybe doing a hybrid crowsfoot pattern or other weird pattern. But wait, what about the bronze CXP-30’s on the track bike now?

Well, I feel like those would look awesome on the road bike or the cross bike, and I wouldn’t necessarily mind getting rid of either one’s current set.

Not terribly sure though. Either way, building this set of rims is going to require a lot of time and money for hubs and nipples and spokes and probably a truing stand.  I would really like to have a set of custom wheels, but I’ll have to buy a hubset of some type to build these up and at best would sell one of my current sets(not the bontragers).  The least expensive option is to repair the bontragers, and I may end up doing just that.  I’ll probably paint the bontragers too if i go through the hassle of relacing and replacing nipples.

I think the best thing is to spend the money I would spend on something like the performance Titan wheelset on a truing stand.  That way I can true my and my friends’ wheels, build wheels with confidence, and make custom wheel builds that I feel good about without having to spring for labor.

So yeah. The kilo will get the CXP-22’s, the R2000 will get repaired bontragers, and the cross bike might see some cxp-30s before too long.

However, now I’m wishing I wasn’t tied up in bike parts and could just spend money on a new board and bindings. Like a K2 0 and auto ever bindings…


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