Origin 8 Components

So I gave myself a birthday present…

Origin 8 Pro Taper track drops, Ultim-8 GXP Crankset, ColorMorph grips, and a headset.

I’m returning the headset because shit is UGLEE. And my s-2 isn’t dead, so no use upgrading to a downgrade, ya dig?

Everything else —  I love. The drops are basically mirrored aluminum copies of deda pistas, and they are just as stiff and light. Huge bargain.

The photochromorphic grips are amazing. Take them out into daylight and they BLOOM with lily-purple pigment.  At nighttime they’re just a clearish white that looks a little iridescent.  Very cool. I mean, “purple” runs with its tail between its legs when these things roll by. They’re more colorful than Tim Gunn in UV daylight, and at night about as colorful as his wardrobe.

And the cranks, while admittedly  being simply the ugliest component I’ve ever seen on a bike… seriously… are 80 dollars, included a bottom bracket, nicely finished and stiff. Oh, the included 144bcd 46t ring isn’t half bad either. No, they’re not better than omniums, but they’re better than any other 80 dollar crank for sure.  They’re manufactured by Lasco and are model FG01. They give me a great chainline with no spacers.  And I’m pretty sure they’re stiffer and more responsive than my truvative elita compacts.  I know they’re ugly as fuck, but they’re also half the price of omniums, and omniums aren’t going to win any beauty pageants either.

The omniums look like a wet dog. Maybe it was a greyhound at one point, but it’s so wet and noodly that the only thing pretty about it is certain parts of its shape.  Compare the omnium to a grand mighty or  campy set and you should see what I mean. They’re chunky, weird, and blocktastic.

These Ultim8s are even weirder. It’s like you took the chunkwet profile of an omnium and industrial designed it with cues from some off the shelf 70’s peugot. They look to be emulating lugs, but on the worst parts. and the spider has cutouts, like my 2003 subaru wheels. I don’t know who designed these cranks but they weren’t smoking any drugs. People who smoke drugs think up crazy shit, but NEVER is it this artistically awful or badlooking.  This was designed by someone who has had a deep psychological break with reality.

But… they are ugly. And they are stiff. And they are cranks. And they are cheap. And I like them despite their horrendous looks.

Diggin it.

So yeah, also ordered purple IRO hubs for my cxp-22’s, so I’ll see about making that wheelset an art piece, I’ll fix the headset with something worthy of looking at, get a stem that fits me and is silver and beautiful, think about a seatpost collar that isn’t black, and we’ll have a bike.

Until then I’m riding this around like it’s going out of style.


Because it is.


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