What’s 68 miles long, cloudy, photogenic, and has no brakes?

The washington loop with a little Marymoor Velodrome thrown in for flavor.



48/19. Mission Workshop Rambler. Rondel SPD. Visp TRXNL-2. Velocity B43. Nikon D700. Tamron 70-200 f2.8. Loreo 5.6. Lake Washington and clouds and love and track bike and sheer badass amounts of saddle love.

The one problem was that my seatpost saddle clamp bolt kept working itself loose, so I had to stop and re adjust my seat all the time. Once I got to mary moor I got it torqued down enough but damn it hurt for a while.

Want to see pictures?

Of course you do.

I got these wheels in the mail yesterday from velomine and love them. figured I’d try to put as much mileage on them as I could stand while they’re fresh.

Oh, and I did this ride with the camera and all in my backpack, which was miraculously comfortable. I can’t believe I had it on the whole time.


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