i want this bike black now.


i have to stop shooting people it’s awful




this post brought to you by: ballard and me hating my photography


Bike Addiction: The Stable Groweth


Too much of a good thing.

FTP is a mobile hardon. Nashbar is way more fun as a stripped down rabblerouser. I biked 126 miles on the Cannondale. I sometimes hate having all these slightly different bikes, but then I remember how much I love each and every one of them.

I just need to find a way to attach my knogs to the thickass seatmast of that ftp. no brakes is one thing, no lights is totally something else.

Busenitz Pro Model

I picked up some Busenitz shoes by Adidas and (like most things adidas) I love them.

First day out and about in them was the 4th, and they did double duty walking to see fireworks and sprinting in double cages at the White Trash Sprints on the bridge to nowhere.  For those that don’t know these are standing start sprints on bikes up an inclined bridge that terminates without connecting to anything out of the Washington Arboretum by 520 at Montlake. It was a beautiful day and the shoes made it that much better.

They’re reinforced on the top for skateboarding while having very light soles. This makes for what should be a very non-supportive, but durable shoe for cages and straps, compared to a more cycling-specific shoe made of canvas. The thing is… I have cycling shoes. They’re called Sidis.

These are fly as fuck and comfortable. I forgot how much I loved skate shoes, but but these accomplish that plush tongue feel without looking ridiculous.  The best kind of skate shoe is a skate shoe that doesn’t look like a skate shoe.

Now off to throw out all the shoes that aren’t as nice…