Lemme make some excuses:
The primary point of this blog is for me to catalogue and share some of the more colourful things I like or think about. A lot of this tends to be stuff I want to buy. It’s probably pretty easy for some to see this as a big consumer guilty pleasure… well… it is.

But here’s some excuses:

-I have to buy things. It’s part of living in a capitalist society. The expense to which I allow myself to partake in this market is the thing to take issue over… so if you’re going to get uppity or upset at me, get pissed over degree and magnitude, not at absolute principle or fundamental fact.

-I am not making this blog entirely about shit I want to buy… or even an expression or exploration of that desire. I have other crap on here too.

-I want people to know what I’m doing and gain knowledge from my experiences, real or imagined. It’s not as selfish as it seems, I promise. Wait, I don’t promise. It’s probably exactly as selfish as it seems.

So yeah… On with the blogging!


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