I really want to talk pretty about this jacket, but I am overcome with want and lots of want crowding word brain make impossible think straight.

Entering win sector:


It has half-gloves that hide in the sleeves. It has a drip guard for your butt. It has exquisite tailoring and cuts. It’s wind and water resistant.

It’s 395 dollars and I don’t know how to get it in America except online, even if I had that kind of money(I don’t).



So I really like photography, and I was looking at my superclamp thinking… “I’m getting older and it isn’t comfy to bend over to work on my bike all the time anymore… I bet I can make something with this.”
(a superclamp is a lighting clamp by manfrotto… it’s ridiculously useful:

… and it made me wonder if I could put a bike in it.)

So eventually I came up with this:

It’s basically just plumbing pipe… galvanized iron and fittings. The whole point here is to have something that will hold the bike at eye and hand level without any wobble… so you don’t have to do too much straining and bending while you’re doing something like setting up your drivetrain for the third time in two days.

I used two superclamps, because… well they’re awesome, and I wanted another one anyway. I also didn’t have to use any power tools to drill through the pipe or fittings to attach the clamp that holds the seatpost… I was able to put it together with a single adjustable wrench and some muscle.

If you need a work stand and you have superclamps, I suggest doing this. If not, you can price out the ingredients and decide for yourself.
Pparts list:
(1) long threaded pipe, approximately your height.
(2) longish threaded pipes, long enough to extend out and provide a wide base to balance over.
(1) T fitting. I couldn’t find a 90-90-90 fitting so i used a 180-90 T and two nipples and two 45 elbows. This allows you to angle the main pipe but it also requires crazy torque to keep the legs stiff.
(1) floor junction fitting… it’s just a round plate for the top of the pipe with four holes in it and a threaded center.
(2) U bolts. These allow you to tune the reach of the top arm, and thus balance the stand per bike.
(1) short pipe to fit the U bolts on top.
(2) super clamps and one stud to put them together… or some other clamping mechanism. Just know that the clamp and how its secured really makes the stand.

screw everything hard.

What’s nice about this is that it disassembles and reassembles. What’s not nice about this is that if you don’t already have the superclamps, you are left with an expensive problem of clamping the bike to the stand. The other parts are not expensive, but they add up quickly.


dundee done got kicked in the teef

dundee done got kicked in the teef

This tire’s great. I was pleasantly surprised with its wet performance, and well… only time will tell if it’s worth the extra money when compared to a regular tire in terms of puncture and flat resistance.


Swrve Clothing

Put em on.

Put 'em on.

These guys are the only thing I like about LA.

Okay that’s not true. But they’re currently my favorite thing about LA.

These softshell knickers have treated me so nice lately that I am still in love with them. I liked them so much I went out and got a wool swrve cycling cap too.

And the cap blew me away with its badassness, too.

All of swrve’s clothes are made for cycling… they’re all made in the US, and they’re all understated, premium, quality, sophisticated, fashionable garments.

I’m sure as of writing this they’re thinking of doing something terrible and dislikable because, well… LA… but right now they’re FUCKING::golden.

I got these pants from their ::irregular:: bin and thus half off. This was a few weeks back when their website still had frames and two URLs. I guess it still has frames… but now at least it looks like it’s a post-web-bubble site. Their old site was very 2002.

I digress. The softshell fabric is 4-way stretch. It’s breathable. It’s warm-when-you-need-it, sufficiently cool when hot. Water beads up and falls off it. They are cut for riding and fit well. They look amazing and are just different enough to be interesting, while remaining passable as regular. Okay, the knicker length probably isn’t passable as regular anywhere, but here in Seattle I think it works.

————————- This product gets my full recommendation. Read more of this post


My very own track bike... Kilo Frameset.

My very own track bike... Kilo Frameset.

So, I’ve had this bike for two years. It’s changed in many ways, but I really do like it.

There’s too much to go into about it… but expect at least a couple of MATERIAL::s featuring the two newest additions:

Continental Ultra Gatorskin

Red Tactical Flashlight from DealExtreme

To read about the bike and view some pictures, check out my velospace page: